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Inclusion Policy
Inclusion Policy
Our policy on inclusion advocates educating children with special needs in normal, mixed ability classes and with children of the same chronological age. This enables such children to stay with their familyjust like other children. We, at EuroSchool, believe that interrupting a disabled child's normal development may have far more severe consequences than the disability itself. Hence we have a good inclusion policy in place where the child who needs the inclusion does not stand out.

The following principles underpin our policy:

We respect and value all pupils equally and we view the diversity of cultures and needs within the school as a rich resource.

We regularly review the environment, buildings, rooms and resources and adapt to ensure inclusion for all pupils. Thus we allocate resources in a way that makes the commitment to inclusion explicit and transparent.

We aim to overcome physical and developmental barriers and offer all pupils access to an appropriate curriculum and social activities.

We promote, strengthen and sustain parents’, teachers’ and pupils’ involvement in the activities of the school especially in decisions that affect learning and future placement of the child

We offer requisite training and support to the teachers to manage children with special needs Last but not the least, we believe in Inclusion as a continuing process extending through the life of both the child and the school