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Attendance & Punctuality Policy
Attendance & Punctuality Policy

Good attendance and punctuality are essential for all pupils if they are to achieve their fullpotential, both academically and socially from the excellent quality of teaching and learning experiences that the school provides. Regular attendance is of paramount importance in ensuring that all children have full access to the curriculum. Valuable learning time is lost when children are absent or late which in turn leads to educational disadvantage and puts young people at risk of limited life chances.

The school considers parents as vital partners in enforcing this policy for the benefit of the child.

Some of the areas where parents can support this policy are:

Motivating and ensuring that children attend school regularly.
Discourage children from staying away from school for unwarranted reasons.
Instilling in children the importance of time & punctuality and ensuring
that children are at the school or at the transport point on time
Avoiding holiday breaks during the academic term or extending holidays beyond the vacations.
To apply in the required format and obtain the permission of the Principal when an unavoidable situation results in the child’s protracted absence
from school.
Admiring and rewarding children for being regular & punctual to school.
Parents are also the natural leaders to whom children look up to and hence it is essential that parents display the value of punctuality by setting appropriate examples. Punctual parents will not only lead their children but will also support the school in enhancing the scope and quality of various activities / services.

Parents are therefore requested to:

Ensure that they participate in all parent–teacher meetings related
to their child.
Be punctual for all their appointments with the school authorities.
Be present and active in all parental workshops conducted by the school.
Be proactive participants and volunteers of all parent associations
where they are members.
Respect and observe the school hours for all their communication
with the school.